Our strategy

Planning on paper

What we do

Here at DialAWhile we don’t believe that your time should be wasted checking dials … we have people to do that for you!

Simply pay us to look after your equipment and one of our keen, friendly staff members will do all the heavy lifting.

Corporate policy

We believe in staff freedom. This is why none of our staff have permanent contracts as we believe that this ties them down to one company, instead, our staff are free to choose whichever contracts fits them best. This has the added benefit of passing on the savings to you, the customer.


We believe that dials should be better automated with good old fashioned manpower. That’s why we will have weekly posts about everything to do with dials, the good the bad and the automated, let us know what you think!


We’re still setting up our mail system, we’ll be in touch when we’re ready to receive post.